Legal services in the area of civilian firearms ownership in the Czech Republic and European Union

Expert on Czech and EU laws on firearms

Tomáš Gawron is a leading Czech expert in the area of laws on civilian firearms possession and use. He deals with legal issues pertaining to firearms not only in context of Czech legislation, but also as regards laws in other countries with special focus on the European Union.

Author of

Tomáš Gawron is also the author of, the most read Czech language source on practical, legal, cultural and societal aspects of civilian firearms ownership. The website serves as useful source of information both to people knowledgeable in the field as well as to those who want to find their way around these issues.

Attorney practice focused on firearms

Tomáš provides legal services both to common firearm owners as well as to professionals when it comes to finding business suitable solutions to their trade and regulatory issues. Firearms legislation sometimes includes grey zones that may be difficult to interpret. Thus choosing a lawyer with good insight into practical aspects of firearms laws might prove crucial for any business activities in the field.

Drafting of new firearms legislation

Tomáš is not only active as regards provision of legal services in the current regulatory framework, but he is also participating in drafting of future firearms legislation. In 2018, Tomáš became a member of Czech Ministry of Interior Expert Workgroup on Firearms Legislation. There Tomáš focuses especially on issues concerning links between EU and Czech legislation and preservation of the right to keep and bear arms of law abiding citizens.

Further publications

Apart from being the author and main contributor of, Tomáš has also published a number of articles on legal aspects of civilian firearms ownership in Czech juridical publications.

Legitimate self-defense

Apart from legalities of firearms possession, Tomáš provides services also in the area of criminal defense in cases of legitimate self-defense.

Tomáš Gawron – your gun lawyer in Prague

In a nutshell – if you are looking for a lawyer who specializes in Czech & EU firearms legislation, Tomáš Gawron provides not only top expertise, but also strong determination and personal interest in the field.

Mgr. Tomáš Gawron, LL.M., attorney-at-law

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